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The services we offer at Eden Corporate Travel are the very services you would expect from a long established professional travel management company.

 "Eden Corporate Travel offers truly accountable and cost effective Travel Management"

As would be imagined, our data base records individual travel profiles, including frequent flyer numbers, seating preferences, special meals, hotel and car hire loyalty programmes, correct passport details, etc. 

Our mid-office software permits us to report on either individual or company travel between any city pairs, including details such as discount category of the ticket, savings made, transgressions from company travel policy, hotels used with cost, or virtually any other detail required.

Our back office permits your nominated company representatives to access accounting details. Reports and statements can be retrieved by your nominated staff at any time. A list of these reports is displayed on our Corporate Login page. Strict privacy provisions are in place, but it is no longer necessary for you to contact us in order for you to access a great deal of detail regarding your account, as you will have desk top access.

Should it be required, flights, car hire  and accommodation can be booked via our online booking engines , with all the data stored and included in your company accounts, and forming part of the comprehensive travel management policy after implementation

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